Travel Home Spa 

Nurellysha Traditional Massage which provide a travel home spa for our customer's that need health care treatments while when our customer's feel tiredness after work, Body Stiffness, Body Edge, Muscle Cramp, And specialists for physical mental, sleep disorder and more.

What is The Different Between Normal Massage And Nurellysha Health Care?

There are some different part as normal massage is more about relaxation and Nurellysha Traditional Massage is more about health care when there are many people hard to sleep, Body having problems, And Injuries. As Nurellysha also have provide normal relaxation that make our customer's feel fresh and lighten weight and sleep well at night.


What Is Our Main Aim:

- To maintain good health more and more people are turning to the therapeutic and relaxing massage practitioners.

- Nurellysha Traditional Massage who are able to relieve the tensions associated with our busy lives, work related stress and lack of exercise.

- Allowing some regular time for a massage will help you balance the stress level in your body, allowing your body and mind to drift away from day-to-day problems leading to tranquility and harmony within yourself.


We work with the best Nurellysha Mobile Massage Therapist in Singapore and UK who offer a vast range of services to suit all of your relaxation needs. All our customer are  to stay at home or wherever will make you comfortable relaxing.


At Nurellysha Traditional Massage, We provide you with our professional luxury spa experience, focusing on your convenience with our experience that giving you the best therapeutic massage health care.


We offer our Mobile Massage service in Singapore and UK  areas. Our massage therapist can visit you at your home, office or hotel. Although we also doing an company events for corporates and sport marathon events. 

Nurellysha Traditional Massage (24 Hrs)

We offer our premium massage services around the clock. Our Nurellysha Traditional Massage service is available 24/7, 365 Days a year.